Shivalik Forest to turn into tiger reserve

  1. Uttar Pradesh govt plans to turn Shivalik forest into tiger reserve.
  2. This decision will reduce the increasing human-animal conflict.
  3. A proposal has been sent to the State government by Saharanpur Divisional Commissioner regarding the same.
  4. The state govt is very much interested in the proposal and has planned to send it to the centre for a final call.
  5. If accepted, it would be the fourth tiger reserve in Uttar Pradesh after Amangarh in Bijnor(1), Pilibhit(2) and Dudhwa in Lakhimpur-Kheri.(3)

The need?

  1. The move would help nurture the rich biodiversity of the region.
  2. The Shivalik forests have an area of 33,220-hectare, spread over the northern part of the state and located at the foothills of the Shivalik range.
  3. With its broad extension and favourable habitation it is more likely to facilitate the safe movement of tigers.
  4. The rising tiger population, increases the chances of human-animal conflict. Thus comes the need of increasing the area for movement of tigers.

Suitable Spot

  1. This spot is seen as the best suitable spot for the movement of tigers.
  2. The topography of the forests is similar to that of the Rajaji National Park from where the Uttarakhand government wants to shift the tigers.
  3. In fact, the area is rich in biodiversity and could be turned into a hub for eco-tourism.
  4. No tiger has been sighted in the region for the last 10 years, but at least 50 leopards have been counted in the forests.

33 new fighter jets for IAF

  1. The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC)  approved deals worth ?38,900 crore.
  2. The meeting was chaired by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, on Thursday.
  3. This includes procurement of 21 MiG-29 fighter jets for the Indian Air Force (IAF), upgrade of 59 of them and acquirement of 12 Su-30 MKI aircraft.

Vladimir Putin – The President

  1. Also PM Modi and President Putin had a telephonic conversation on Thursday.
  2. Mr Modi congratulated  Mr. Putin for his Presidential term extension after a nationwide vote on changes to the Russian Constitution.
  3. Now Vladimir Putin is allowed to serve as President for two more six-year terms after 2024, until 2036.
  4. Putin’s upcoming trip to India is scheduled in October this year.

Other deals

  1. Pinaka ammunition, (a multiple rocket launcher )
  2. Armoured vehicle BMP armament upgrades
  3. Software Defined Radio (SDR) for the Army,
  4. Long range land attack missile (LRLAM) systems of over 1000 km range
  5. Astra Beyond Visual Range (BVR) (an all weather air-to-air missile)

All of which will be procured domestically and worth an estimated ?31,130 crore.

The Su-30 MKI

  1. The upgradation cost of Sukhoi Su-30 MKI and procurement cost of Mig-29 from Russia is estimated Rs 7,418 crore.
  2. The Su-30 MKI is built by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) under the licence from Russia.
  3. The 12 Su-30MKIs are meant to replace the aircraft that had crashed over the years.
  4. India has built 272 Su-30 till now.

Other Big Birds

  1. The 21 MiG-29s had been partially manufactured by Russia for an unfulfilled order and would now be upgraded and delivered to India.
  2. The most awaited Rafale is also expected to join IAF by the end of this month.
  3. Another deal for 83 Light Combat Aircraft Mk-1A, estimated to cost ?38,000 crore, is expected to be signed in the next two months.

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