25th May Daily News Digest

1. Cry for coal mining ban in Assam forest gets shriller

  • A conglomerate of green groups has sought a ban on coal mining in a sensitive elephant reserve in eastern Assam.
  • The Standing Committee of the Environment Ministry’s NBWL discussed proposal.
  • Transferring 98.59 hectares of land from the Saleki Proposed Reserve Forest (PRF).
  • Conservation NGO said in a statement, “It no longer matters if ongoing mining is legal or illegal in view of clear evidence of habitat destruction.” 

2. UG, PG seats set to increase this year

  • State universities normally increase the sanctioned strength for the much sought-after courses such as B.Com every year.
  • While youngsters from the State seek admissions for UG and PG programmes, the student outflow less in this year.
  • The move to hike students provide benefit many aspirants who fear for disrupted by failing to receive admission.
  • Most colleges have sanctioned strengths of 60 for UG arts and science courses.

3. Army denies ‘detention’ of troops by Chinese forces along LA

  • “There has been no detention of Indian soldiers at the borders. We categorically deny this,” Col. said.
  • PLA troops tried to disrupt road construction in the Ladakh sectors.
  • Dozens of soldiers have been injured in incidents
  • The Indian Army has mobilized additional troops and equipment and dug into positions.

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