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  • GS 4:- Public/Civil service values and Ethics in Public administration: Status and problems; ethical concerns and dilemmas in government and private institutions; laws, rules, regulations and conscience as sources of ethical guidance; accountability and ethical governance; strengthening of ethical and moral values in governance; ethical issues in international relations and funding; corporate governance.
  • Q 1. What is the term instant justice. Discuss why both i.e. justice delayed and instant justice both are wrong ethically.

  • GS 4:- Case Studies on above issues.
  • Q 2. You are Superintendent of Police of ABC district and there is an increasing number of rape cases in your district to which public sentiments are going against the department and also there is a big name-shaming for the police department for not being able to curb and control such crimes to take place. You have a dual task of maintaining the law & order as well as correcting the public image of the Police department. Elaborate what steps you’ll take as an S.P. and draw a mechanism once for all so that the Police department may not face such name-shaming again if there is a delay in investigation process.

  • GS 2:- Appointment to various Constitutional posts, powers, functions and responsibilities of various Constitutional Bodies.
  • Q 3. Highlight the role of a governor of a state and also mention why he is the manager in crisis for a state.
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  • GS 2:- Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation.
  • Q 4. Write about the Mid-day meal scheme and also analyze its success along with future prospects.

  1. NHRC
  2. Governor, President
  3. Train 18
  4. Supreme court
  5. Amur Falcon and migration
  6. Bannerghatta National park
  7. National security adviser
  8. Citizenship amendment bill 2019


——–Justice is also justiciable——

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  1. Answer for Q1
    The delayed execution of the accused in the Nirbhaya case and the quick encounter of the accused in the Hyderabad rape case has brought forth two important interconnected ethical concerns relating to delayed justice and instant justice. Such delay has been noticed not only in rape cases but also in several other cases
    The undue delay of several years in the execution of death sentence of the accused in the Nirbhaya case for which the family of Nirbhaya ran from door to door of each court shows how delay of justice leads to denial of justice.This delay is noticed not just in rape cases but also during the trial of several different offences affecting human life and body.
    Whereas, in the Hyderabad rape case, the accused were shot dead by the police within few days of the unfortunate event leading to showcase instant justice.
    But both the above concepts of delayed justice and instant justice are highly unethical and pose a great challenge to the law and order as well as the legal system in the country.
    Delayed justice is harmful because it
    1. causes denial of justice
    2. leads to loss of faith in the judiciary
    3. Ensues physical, mental and financial difficulties for the victim’s family
    4. Creates a sense of fear in the minds of citizens
    4. Shows a negative image of the country on a global platform as unsafe and thus affecting tourist inflow.
    Opposed to this, even instant justice is not ethical and it is also harmful in several ways listed below:
    1. Puts pressure on police to kill accused
    2. Creates a wrong impression on minds of people that such encounter act as deterrent
    3. Loss of faith in judiciary
    4. No adjudication may lead to killing of an innocent person
    5. Stands against the principle of natural justice which says that ” no one shall be condemned unheard”.
    Recently, Andhra Pradesh legislature passed the Disha Act that provides for a total judgement time of 21 days . This act needs to be implemented in the entire country so that both extremes of delayed justice and instant justice are avoided and justice is delivered on a fast track basis but within a reasonable time after deciding the case on merits.

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