Additional and Acting Judges

Context: President of India in exercise of the power conferred by clause (1) of Article 217 of the Constitution of India appointed 28 Additional Judges as Judges of Allahabad High Court.


  • The President can appoint duly qualified persons as additional judges of a high court for a temporary period not exceeding two years when:

1. there is a temporary increase in the business of the high court; or

2. there are arrears of work in the high court.

The President can also appoint a duly qualified person as an acting judge of a high court when a judge of that high court (other than the chief justice) is:

1. unable to perform the duties of his office due to absence or any other reason; or

2. appointed to act temporarily as chief justice of that high court.

  • An acting judge holds office until the permanent judge resumes his office.
  • However, both the additional or acting judge cannot hold office after attaining the age of 62 years.

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