Center steps in dispute over River water between two states…

1. Center to take stock of Krishna and Godavari water utilisation

The aim is to assess whether there will be surplus water for new projects.

Telangana and Andhra Pradesh were filing complaints against each other so center decided to find a mean way.

Center playing its role –

U.P. Singh, Secretary, Department of Water Resources, Union Minister of Jal Shakti, asked the chair persons of the Krishna and the Godavari rivers to produce irrigation project reports in a month. These reports will be helpful in assessing the surplus water for new project in the light of the disputes. Center also sought reports of irrigation projects in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

No new projects in AP

In AP there are no new projects launched. The previous Telugu Desam govt tried several unfinished projects to increase the water utilisation. The one year old Jagan Mohan Reddy govt has also proposed some new projects.This led to the Telangana government filing a complaint against the sibling State.

The AP retaliated with its own complaints saying that Palamuru-Rangareddy, Dindi Lift Irrigation Schemes on the Krishna river and Kaleshwaram, Tupakulagudem schemes and a few barrages proposed across the Godavari were all new projects.

The Dispute is old… What is the Act?

Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal

Government of India constituted a common tribunal on 10 April 1969 to adjudicate the river water utilization disputes among the river basin states of Krishna and Godavari rivers under the provisions of Interstate River Water Disputes Act – 1956.

2. The anatomy of anti-black racism(@the_hindu_editorial)

“Only a peaceful and sustained movement can break the back of this evil, which is institutionalised and hidden”

Racism continues unabated. It was revolting to see an adult gasping for breath, writhing in pain as the knee of the white policeman crushed his neck, and, within minutes, dying – the umpteenth time that a black life has been barbarically taken away by police brutality in America.

What racism is?

In a nutshell, and with slight, only slight over-simplification, it is this – one can tell everything important about a person, his group, its past and future, by noting the colour of his skin.

Idea of race –

When specific bodily features are permanently clumped together and human beings are classified in terms of these distinct biological clusters, and if, further, it is believed that these shared features are inter-generationally transmitted, thhen we possess the idea of race.

The idea of race is deeply problematic. Despite many attempts, particularly in the 1930s to demonstrate its scientific basis, race or racial classifications have virtually no scientific foundation. If anything, the only conclusion from available evidence is that the whole of humanity has the same lineage, that there are no races within humans but only one single human ‘race’. Yet, while scientifically speaking, race is a fiction, a large number of people believe in the existence of races. Race is very much a cultural and social bitter reality.

An ideology on display –

Racism naturalises a person’s belief, character and culture. For example, being uneducated is seen not as socio-economic deprivation but a sign of inherited low IQ; blacks are predatory and are also seen to have an innate streak of savagery, which unless kept down by brute force from time to time, might explode and destroy civilisation. It is this ideology of anti-black racism that was brazenly on show in the 9- minute video clip of the merciless, life-extinguishing force used by the police on George Floyd.

Racialised criminal system – Only True Good Education Helps

It is amply clear that the feel-good anti-racism of some Americans that views racism as an aggregate of mistaken beliefs held by individuals that can be dissipated by education and rational argument simply does not work. True, good education helps in dismantling racism but the fact remains that much of it lies hidden within the social structure, in habits, practices and institutions.

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