Climate-Smart Cities Assessment Framework (CSCAF 2.0) and Streets for People Challenge

  • Launched by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, CSCAF initiative intends to inculcate a climate-sensitive approach to urban planning and development in India.

The Framework has 28 Indicators across Five Categories Namely:

  1. Energy and Green Buildings,
  2. Urban Planning, Green Cover & Biodiversity,
  3. Mobility and Air Quality,
  4. Water Management and
  5. Waste Management.
  • The Climate Centre for Cities under National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) is supporting MoHUA in implementation of CSCAF.

Streets for People Challenge 

  • Launched by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, it aims to inspire cities to create more walkable and pedestrian friendly streets through quick, innovative, and low-cost measures.
  • Fit India Mission, under Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, along with the India program of the Institute for Transport Development and Policy (ITDP) have partnered with the Smart Cities Mission to support the challenge.

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