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Ancient History study material for UPSC CSE help you Learn about all the aspects of Ancient History. Daily Evaluate your own performance by writing and practicing two answers given after each lessons


Prepare for Ancient History for UPSC Exam at Wise IAS

For the IAS aspirants, it is essential to have thorough preparation so that they can fight the tough competition. Every year several students appear for the UPSC exam, but only a few can crack it. We, at Wise IAS, offer necessary guidance and study material to enable students to perform the best and beat the competition.

The course for IAS preparations is like a vast ocean that covers several subjects and topics. One of the crucial aspects is ancient history. We, at Wise IAS, offer relevant and useful coaching for the subject along with ancient history notes. Our notes can help in learning about all the aspects of ancient history. You can also evaluate your own performance by writing and practicing two question answers given after each lesson.

Benefits of our learning program

  • You will get a better understanding of ancient history.
  • The interactive video lectures in every lesson help better clarity of any lesson.
  • The Wise IAS notes cover the complete syllabus for the UPSC CSE exam.
  • MCQs and practice questions for the UPSC CSE exam.

History is one of the major subjects for the IAS exam, and thus you must not ignore it at any cost. Indian history is like a vast ocean when it comes to the UPSC exam. It covers the following areas:

  • Modern India history
  • Ancient Indian history
  • Medieval Indian history

The UPSC syllabus covers history in both prelims and mains. The history topics are closely related to heritage and culture, especially when studying history for IAS. The following can be considered essential topics to study from Ancient Indian History:

  • Prehistoric India
  • Indus valley civilization
  • Historic India
  • Vedic India
  • Mahajanapadas
  • Buddhism and related topics
  • Maurya empire, administrative structure, rulers, and legacy
  • Gupta empire, rulers, and legacy
  • Invasions from central Asia
  • Kingdom, states, and dynasties of South India, their rulers, and legacy

Also, one of the most important sources for history which should not be left behind while preparing for UPSC is the NCERT books. The aspirants should read NCERT books when preparing for the IAS exam as they offer the relevant information as well as revision of the subject. So much information can be overwhelming at times, and hence, you can start making notes which is an efficient way to organize the study material for revision.

Many times, students find it difficult to analyze what topics are important and what to include in the ancient notes for UPSC. This is where Wise IAS’s notes come to your rescue. Our study material covers all the important ancient history era until the dawn of the middle ages. The aspirants can use our notes along with NCERT books for covering the complete syllabus for ancient Indian history.

If you are looking for ancient Indian history notes and other study material as well as coaching for coming out with flying colors, connect with Wise IAS today!

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