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Books and Syllabus

  1. NCERT Books (topic-wise)
  2. Environment by Shankar IAS Academy
  3. Environment And Ecology – A Complete Guide – by R. Rajagopalan (Lexis Nexis)
  4. Environment & Ecology for Civil Services Examination
  5. India Yearbook 2017: Chapter 12

Environment and Ecology syllabus

ConservationWhat is Biodiversity?Types of Biodiversity – Genetic, Species, Ecosystem, etc.Importance of Biodiversity – Ecosystem Services, BioResources of Economic Importance, Social Benefits, etc.Reasons for Loss of BiodiversityConservation:In-situ & Ex-SituEco-Sensitive AreasEcological HotspotsNational Guidelines, Legislations & Other Programmes.International Agreements & Groupings
Environmental Pollution & DegradationTypes of Pollution & PollutantsImpact of Pollution & DegradationOzone Layer Depletion and Ozone HoleGreenhouse Gas Effect & Global WarmingEutrophicationDesertificationAcid RainHazardous Waste, etc.Causes/Sources of Pollution & DegradationPrevention & Control of Pollution & DegradationNational Environment Agencies, Legislations and PoliciesInternational Environment Agencies & Agreements
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)What is EIA?Indian Guidelines & LegislationsEIA ProcessNeed & Benefits of EIAShortcomings of EIA in IndiaMeasures to Make EIA Effective
Disaster ManagementTypes of DisastersManagement of DisastersCommunity Level Disaster ManagementGovernment Initiatives on Disaster Management