Essay Test Series

  • This Essay Enrichment Programme has been designed in such a way that an IAS aspirant gets a complete guidance of Essay Writing Skills from the very basic level. This has been designed to develop, improve and help the students in writing Quality Enriched Essay in the examination.
  • This exercise will equip the students with necessary expertise to write good essays on any type of topic/issue and score 150 – 170 marks easily
  • To achieve this objective, 13 Self-Assessment Essay Tests will be conducted.
  • The Test Series follows Three-Tier Approach comprising Sectional Tests, Revision Tests and Full Mock Tests.
  • All the test papers will consists of two sections and each section will have 2 Essays
  • Students would be tested comprehensively in all the topics and improvements would be done tailored to their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Evaluated Answer Sheets would be provided within ten days of writing the test.
  • Students will be expected to keep closely to the subject of the essay to arrange their ideas in orderly fashion, and to write concisely. Credit will be given for effective and exact expression.

Ace the Essay Writing Element of UPSC With Our Essay Test Series

An essay is an essential element of the UPSC exams, and for the past few years, the pattern has changed towards philosophical essays. If you wish to gain expertise in writing excellent essays, join our online classes. We not only offer online courses for building the foundation but also offer essay writing test online series for practice.

Each of the tests is based on the UPSC pattern. Our job is to check what you have written and correct it. Further, we try to get you some relevant material, recent data, and some points that you may be missing. In short, we offer you a helping hand.

The essay test series UPSC is all about practicing. Everyone must practice writing essays. Just maintain an exercise book and always write various essays. You must not care for the language and keep on writing essays. We are there to help you out on points where you are lagging behind or need improvement.

Basically, the essay is the presentation of any topic in closed form. It means you introduce a topic and then conclude the topic by offering a gist of the whole exercise. The essays are of two types- formal and informal. However, UPSC focuses on formal essays. They are comparatively impersonal and less emotional. Also, formal essays have factual elements like statistics and quotes, etc. it is never in the form if first person or conversation. These essays have a serious tone attached to them.

Essay writing for CSE

  • For the CSE essay paper, two essays need to be written under 3 hours with a word limit of 1000 to 1200 words. Each essay consists of 125 marks.
  • The essay paper is divided into 2 sections A and B, and each carries a choice of 4 essays each. The aspirant has to choose just one essay from each section.
  • The instructions are clear about what is being expected by the aspirant. The essays need to be around the subject only. The effective and coherent expression will be appreciated.
  • The underlined keywords will be important as they are parameters on which your essays will be evaluated.

One of the most common and best tips for structuring your essay is to break it into paragraphs. Apart from the introduction and conclusion paragraph, there will be a few body paragraphs. All the relevant content needs to be weaved in the body-paragraphs. These paragraphs can be supportive, narrative, or critical based on the topic.

An introduction is an important part of the essay as it is the beginning that creates the first impression and captures attention. Conclusion, if done rightly, can help in scoring additional marks.

For UPSC CSE online coaching, connect with Wise IAS. Our online training courses are prepared by experts and upgraded from time to time by experts in the field. This helps the IAS aspirants in concept building. We also help them prepare thoroughly for the exam with the help of mock test series. Contact us today!

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