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15 Ethical issues in international relations and funding

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In modern International Relations, there is immense development in the revival of ethics. Since last many decades, scholars are concerned to converse the way that states, institutions and individuals must behave. The situation that exists among nations in their relations to one another is such that it entices even those who ordinarily come for short of sarcasm to say that there is no connection between ethics and international relations.

International ethics is referred as the good that international interactions, exchanges, relations which can bring to all life forms and which can be harmed by unfriendly, hostile, uncooperative behaviours. In simple term, international ethics is an area of international relations theory which concerns the extent and scope of ethical obligations between states in an epoch of globalization.

International ethics provides an appreciation of how many people from other cultures view states and other institutions. Strong understanding of international ethics offers citizens insights into the good and bad, the rights and wrong in the world. For starters, the United Nations has urged all the member countries to follow different values of friendly, cooperative and peaceful international humanitarian actions.

If poorer nations are unwilling to work together without being viewed as fair, the group of nations which values other countries and their interest will be damaged by governing nations eager to follow their interests and the will of other poorer countries. Different UN organizations uphold such universal values that reach beyond national boundaries and the ethical standards of particular nations through their participation and practice in various countries.

International ethics is not just an ethic of a prominent country, but not just an ethic of a powerful country which owes its responsibilities to others because of its control over others. International ethics should be built to enable us to engage more effectively in the development and building of a healthy international community. The foreign world dream that every country has, and the truth of an international community, offers us the fuel for contemplation about the essence and intent of engaging in international affairs for the building of an international community.


  1. International laws and treaties act as the sources of ethical guidance in contemporary international relations. Critically examine.
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