Ethics and Human Interface:

Lecture 5 : Role of family, society and educational institutions in inculcating values.

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Role of Family in inculcating values

  1. The family is the most prominent and early source of social initiation and socialization. Throughout the whole life, socialization goes on through the family. The immediate agents of socialization are friends, siblings and grandparents.
  2. For children, principles are inculcated through the behavior of family members. Children carry on personality characteristics from all people in their immediate surroundings. Children embezzle values by watching what parents do (and not just what parents say).
  3. During infancy and infancy years the family ‘s power is strongest. During the adolescent years, peer group and media control typically outweigh the family ‘s impact. However, the family returns during the adult years as a predominant socializing force, with the positions of marital partner and parents being prevalent.
  4. There can be differences in values between two families based on their socio-economic statuses.

Role of Educational Institutions in inculcating values

  • Schools and colleges are important actors of the socialization process, and should also be a tremendous benefit of inculcating principles. School is the first place that compares the individual values with society’s larger value system.
  • The Framework imparts agreed behavior values. A school student benefits from peer group social curricula as well as from the standard program. Often, values are imbibed in the school activities and laws and regulations (e.g.: take the teacher’s permission to talk when in class). This is the position where the principles of punctuality and consistency are learned.
  • Education of values is a deliberate effort to educate about values. Education at values has five main approaches: inculcation, moral development, examination, action learning, and description of values.

Role of Society in inculcating values

Society may also inculcate other values in people. Society factors that have a tremendous impact on humans include mates, neighbours, media, films, religion, leaders, government.

Practice Question-

  1. Illustrate with an example from your life- the role of family, society, and educational institutes on you.