Ethics and Human Interface:

Lecture 7 : Moral and political Attitudes

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Moral and Political Attitudes

Moral attitudes are individual attitudes towards moral problems whereas political attitudes are individual attitudes towards political issues.

Moral Attitude

Attitude is all about your likes and morals and about what’s right or wrong (or what society thinks as). So Moral Disposition is the stance against social problems (where society is arguing what’s right or wrong).

For example – what is your attitude towards Euthanasia (mercy killing)? Do you think it as right?

There are many moral issues at the moment – reproductive cloning, surrogate childbearing, abortion, sex selection, pornography, prostitution, dance bars, euthanasia, the death penalty, homosexuality, live-in relationships, incest, divorce, honour killing, consumerism, personal weapons ownership, gambling, prohibition, etc. Your attitude to these matters falls within the broad category of a moral attitude.

Political Attitude

The stance you keep about political problems or ideologies is political attitude.


  • What do you make about Communism? Do you like Communist ideology? Do you prefer the no-state concept and the market control concept? Or want a free market?
  • Attitude toward patriotism, democratic system, plebiscite, women’s reservation, eunuchs, equal rights, secularism, communism, socialism, scheduled castes, and other minorities in politics, communalism, ideals of transparency and accountability, bribery, voting, political groups, etc.
  • Your attitude toward the basic political spectrum-left or right-also falls within your political attitude.
moral and political attitude

Practice question:

  1. What is moral attitude? Discuss some important moral attitudes.

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