Ethics and Human Interface:

Lecture 3 : Ethics in Private and Public Relationships

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Humans have a varying role in society. The position that they perform determines their place in society. With increasing social position, one adopts the behavioral modifications relevant to one’s own and others’ expectations (Reddy, et, al., 2015).

Across various societal and interpersonal contexts, ethics is linked to principles such as right or wrong, or good or evil human conduct. Generally speaking, there are guidelines for taking assumptions on what is incorrect (Gower, 2003). Several specific opinions on ethics have been rendered since ancient times. Theoretical models of utilitarians advocated that the ethical act is one which produces the greatest possible balance of good over bad for anyone affected. Also, this is also called Robin Hood ethics.

Private Relationship:

In role-play, the private relationship of a person such as marriage, family, kinship, friendship varies from his / her public relationship such as trade relations, bureaucracy with citizens at large, and a doctor’s relationship with his / her patients. The private relationships are more intimate relationships (Reddy, et, al., 2015).

  1. Private relationships are often given or inherited.
  2. They are relatively permanent.
  3. More tolerance for imperfections.
  4. Expectations of loyalty, love, affection from one’s partner.

Ethics in Public Relationships

Public relations are often vocal, such as corporate friends, politicians, strangers, and those in one’s fairly small communication sphere (Reddy, et al., 2015). Public Relations is a management role that includes tracking and evaluating public expectations and ensuring shared relationships and communication between an agency and the people. The public could involve lenders, government, customers, workers, and the media. This is the action of getting along with those we fall in regular communication with.

Public relations officers ensure the company’s internal cohesion by ensuring a consistent network of contact between managers and employees. The key aim is to develop contact networks and to create new methods of developing a two-way flow of information and understanding.

Private and Public Relationship

Private Relationship Public Relationship
FamilyTeacher- Student 
FriendsPolitician- citizen 
OneselfCo-worker- Colleagues 
 Doctor- Patients 

Q1. Differentiate Between Private and Public Relationship Ethics with Suitable Examples.

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