Geography Paper- 1

Geography Paper- 1 study material for UPSC CSE help you Learn about all the aspects of Geography Paper- 1. MCQs and Practice Questions for UPSC CSE Examination

What you’ll learn

  • Gain a better understanding of Geography Paper- 1
  • Interactive video lectures in every lesson will help you better understand a lesson.
  • Daily Evaluate your own performance by writing and practicing two answers given after each lessons
  • Wise IAS notes covers Complete Syllabus for UPSC CSE Examination

Why many aspirants choose Geography?

The geography and environment are closed related subjects. Both the subjects covers around 30-40 per cent of objective type questions in General Studies paper-I at preliminary level. Besides, geography covers 50 per cent of geography part of GS paper-II and around 25 percent environment and disaster management section of GS paper IV at mains examination.

Many experts feel that the knowledge of geography is slowly and steady increased the students ability to answer questions related to paper IV of Economic Development which includes food security, crop pattern and infrastructure.

Course Content

1. Geomorphology:
2. Climatology
3. Oceanography
4. Biogeography
5. Environmental Geography
1. Perspectives in Human Geography
2. Economic Geography
3. Population and Settlement Geography
4. Regional Planning
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Course Includes

  • 130 Lessons


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