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Geography Paper- 1

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Books & Syllabus of Geography Paper 1

Geography Optional Paper-I Books

A Geography by Population – R.C. Chandna
Agricultural Geography – Majid Husain
Climatology – D.S.Lal
Economic and Social Geography – Made Simple by Rupa Publisher
Economic Geography- Hartshorne & Alexander
Environmental Awareness – R.C.Chandna
Environmental Geography – Savindra Singh
Environmental Geography -Saxena
General Climatology -Critchfield
Geomorphology – Savindra Singh
Human Geography -Majid Husain
Oceanography- Sharma & Vatal
Evolution of Geographic Thought-Majid Husain
Physical Geography – Made Simple, Rupa Publisher
Physical Geography – Savindra Singh
Physical Geography -Strahler & Strahler
Physical Geography in Diagrams -Bunnett
Political Geography -R.D.Dixit
Principles of Geomorphology-W.D. Thornbury
Regional Planning: Regional Planning – Chand & Puri
Urbanization & Urban Systems in India- Ramachandran

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