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Preparing for IAS is not a cakewalk. Students need professional guidance and thorough preparation, along with practice to crack the examination. We at Wise IAS team develop online courses for UPSE CSE. We have emerged as a premium IAS online caching institute in India offering the course to UPSE CSE aspirants. Our well-planned approach is what helps students in cracking the UPSC examination.

Whether it is our detailed course or experienced professionals, everything helps in getting clarity of various topics. You can play on your strengths and work on your weaknesses with expert guidance. We guide students from scratch about every aspect of the examination.

We offer prelim tests, both online and offline. The features of online tests are:

  • It offers all India ranking
  • It offers complete syllabus coverage
  • The delivery mode is online
  • The tests can be given on our website

The preliminary test is the most challenging stage of civil services examination as almost 5 lac candidates take the test every year. The GS paper -1 now plays a crucial role in deciding the success of the candidate in the preliminary test as it eliminates the non-serious candidates from entering the exam. There must be no room for error as it is just a matter of 100 questions that determine your entry to the main examination.

The UPSC prelim test series can help in the preparation. Usually, the preparation is divided into stages wherein the first stage is about concept building and covering the syllabus. Our classroom lectures can help the candidates in building a strong conceptual base. The study material is updated from time to time to enable students to perform better.

Our best test series for UPSC prelims and constant assessment improves the performance and completes your UPSC prelims preparation. We believe that candidates must evaluate themselves before the final UPSC exam. Thus, just like every year, we have come up with preliminary test series 2020. The online test series enable candidates to take up the exams in the comfort of home. The test series are designed in a way that they mock the preliminary test conducted by UPSC and gives the candidate a first-hand experience of the exam. The test series are created by experts.

Not just that, after the test, we conduct explanatory lectures by experienced faculty along with solutions and answers. The test series will offer the candidate enough time for preparation and evaluate their progress. This will help in improving their performance.

The experts with years of experience have contributed to the question pool by creating new questions every year which are in sync with the UPSC exam. The practice tests are designed for covering various patterns of question papers in sync with the UPSC prelim tests conducted by UPSC. We also focus on timely coverage of the syllabus as well as revision.

If you are an IAS aspirant and wish to leave no stone unturned in your preparation, our best prelims test series can be the solution.

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