1. All you need to know- Aftermath of Partition

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Background into Aftermath of Partition

  • The Partition of India divided it into two independent dominions, India & Pakistan.
  • It involved the division of two provinces, Punjab & Bengal and it displaced between 10–12 million people along religious lines.
  • This led India to be in the midst of a Communal Holocaust.
  • An overwhelming refugee crisis in the newly constituted dominions was witnessed.
  • There was large-scale violence involved in achieving this independence.
  • Thus, in the initial few years of independence, India faced challenges on many fronts such as-
  1. concerning national unity & territorial integrity
  2. integration of princely states as well as tribal areas
  3. the economic revival of the nation
  4. meeting the needs of its gigantic population etc.
  5. This is how the epoch of independence began for India post-partition.

Major Challenges Post Partition

  • Consolidation of India as a unified nation encompassing its different diversity of societies, languages and faiths into one entity.
  • Bridging the ill menace of Regionalism and reducing regional inequality.
  • Establish a representative democracy as envisaged by the Constitution makers and improve the democratic practices.
  • Transform effective policies for economic development with revival of India’s indigenous industries.
  • Eradication of poverty as well as ensuring Food security to feed its hungry mouths.
  • Provision of rehabilitation facilities for refugees who migrated from Pakistan as an aftermath of partition.

Consequences of Partition

  • The partition of India led to a tragic transfer of people, worst of its kind in human history.
  • Brutal killings, atrocities, rapes, on both sides of the border added grief to the elation of independence.
  • Communal Zone were created which turned out to be very detrimental in the initial days.
  • Migration across the new borders was unfathomable.
  • Led to an everlasting bitter impact on the relations between India & Pakistan, the two neighbours.

Some of Indian Government Measures in the aftermath of Partition

  • A full-fledged Department of Rehabilitation was created given the severity of the situation.
  • Various refugee camps were set up such as Kurukshetra Camp and Kolwada camp (Bombay).
  • Loans were advanced on large scales to revive means of livelihood.
  • Other efforts were made on lines of tackling the above-mentioned challenges that engulfed India.

Conclusion to the Partition of India

Though the partition finally brought about India’s independence, the set of challenges that came alongwith were numerous. However, with the benefit of outstanding leadership and tremendous idealism, we were able to contain the challenges with time and today call ourself a proud democracy.

Practice Questions

  1. Discuss the challenges faced by India immediately after independence.
  2. The Partition of India & Pakistan was so harsh that it affects us even today Enumerate.

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