12. Lectures of Art And Culture by Ms Ishani Pandya

Topics Covered in These 10 Lecture

Sculptures, Seals, Town planning: Indus Valley Civilization

Stupa & Pillar- Mauryan Age; Sculpture-Gandhar, Mathura, Amarvati

Cave architecture- Gupta Age, Ajanta-Ellora, Sarnath Sculpture School

Ancient Temple Architecture- Odisha, Khajuraho & Other Schools

Temple Architecture- Dravid, Vijaynagar,Hoysala

Medieval Architecture: Delhi Sultanate, Bengal, Malwa, Bijapur Schools

Medieval Architecture: Mughal Sultanate – domes, tombs, mosques

Indian Paintings-Mural, miniature,mughal,malwa & more for UPSC Pre & Mains

Indian Music-Classical, folk, swara, raga, taal, Hindustani, Carnatic & More