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India’s Relations with Neighbours

Foreign Policy

  1. Foreign Policy Architecture
  2. Strategic Autonomy
  3. Soft Power
  4. Dynamics of Foreign Policy
  5. India’s Role in Future
  6. Nuclear Doctrine
  7. Historical Events in International Relations

India-Afghanistan: Challenges; Geo-Political Developments

India-Australia: AUSIDEX

India-Bangladesh: Boundary Settlement; Relations; Legacy of Pakistan; Illegal Immigration

India-Bhutan: Growth of Democracy

India-China: Comparison; China’s Foreign Policy; Boundary Issues; Relations; Arunachal Pradesh; Tibet; One Belt One Road; China – Superpower?; China-Pak-India; Counter Terrorism Drills; Dam on Brahamaputra; China’s West Asia Policy

India-Pakistan: Confidence Building Measures; Kashmir Dispute; Terrorism; Peace Proposal; Gilgit-Baltistan; Nuclear India-Pak-US

India-Sri Lanka: Overview; Elections in Sri Lanka; Sri Lanka PM visit; Sri Lanka War Crimes; Tamil Issue; OHCHR Resolution on Sri Lanka; Recent

India-USA: Overview; BIT President’s Visit; Chinese Angle; Nuclear Deal Defence Ties – DTTI; Strategic and Commercial Dialogue; S & T; US or China; People to People; US-China vis-a-vis Pakistan; Climate; FATCA-Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act; LEMA-Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement

India-Germany: Overview; Cultural Ties; Merkel’s India Visit-3rd Inter-Governmental Consultation held

India-Japan Relations; Railways; Nuclear Pact

India-Iran: Relations; Chabahar Port

India-Nepal: Nepal Constitutional Crisis; Relations

India-UK: Relations; Economic; Kohinoor Controversy

India-Saudi Arabia: Overview; India-Saudi-Iran

India-Canada: Uranium Deal

India-Israel: Overview; Palestine

India-Italy: Italian Marine Case

India-Mauritius: DTAC

India-Myanmar: Buddhist Chauvinism

India-North Korea: Relations; North Korea Events

India-Pacific Islands: Papua New Guinea

India-South Korea: Overview; Strategic Partnership

India-Russia: Relations

India-Mongolia: Relations

India-Sudan: Overview; Arrest of President

India-Sweden: Relations; Sustainable Urban Development

India-Turkey: Kurdish Movement

India-UAE: Strategic Partnership

India-Netherlands: Relations

India-Cambodia: Overview

India-Chile: Overview

India-France: Overview

India-Ireland: Overview

India-Jordan: Overview

India-Maldives: Overview


India-Mozambique: Overview

India-Singapore: Overview