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Medieval History study material for UPSC CSE help you Learn about all the aspects of Medieval History. Interactive video lectures in every lesson will help you better understand a lesson.

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Medieval India is the phase of the Indian subcontinent between the ancient period and the modern period. The phase can be related to the period between the 6th century and 16th centuries. History is an important subject when it comes to preparing for the IAS exam. Indian history for civil service exam is a very vast subject covering the below-mentioned topics:

  • Medieval Indian history
  • Ancient Indian history
  • Modern Indian History

We, at Wise IAS, offer study material for medieval history for UPSC which can help in learning about all aspects of medieval history.

Features of the study program:

  • You get a better understanding of books on medieval Indian history.
  • Interactive video lectures for every lesson help in subject clarity.
  • We, at Wise IAS, cover the complete syllabus for the UPSC CSE exam.
  • The MCQs and practice questions for UPSC CSE Exam.

The medieval history study material for UPSC IAS Mains and Prelims:

The Medieval history study material for UPSC helps the students in clearing the IAS exam in the first attempt itself. The notes are compiled after going through several books, notes, and internet resources. We strive to offer the best study material to our students and assist them in preparation. Our notes are a compilation of the most viewed notes on medieval history which the readers should not miss. The students can also download each note as PDF.

The UPSC syllabus covers history in both prelims and mains. Indian history topics are related to heritage and culture when studying history for IAS. Important topics to be studied from the medieval history of India are:

  • Vijayanagara empire
  • North Indian kingdoms
  • Kingdoms of the Deccan
  • Delhi Sultanate
  • Islamic kingdoms in India
  • Bhakti and other cultural and religious movements
  • Mughal and Suri rule and the arrival of Europeans

NCERT medieval history books are one of the essential study materials. The aspirants should certainly read history topics from NCERT books while preparing for IAS. For organizing your study material, you can take the notes as it helps in revision as well. Many times students find it challenging to determine which topics are important.

Keeping this in mind, Wise IAS has come up with NCERT notes of medieval history so that students can prepare easily. The notes cover all major topics of the medieval era until the arrival of Europeans and the rise of major challenges to Mughal rule during the 17th century.

While studying history, students need to understand the chronology of events. Based on this foundation, students should build their knowledge of various aspects of history like economic history, administrative history, and cultural impact of historical events apart from political history. It becomes even more important when studying medieval history.

If you are looking for information on the books and notes on medieval history and its importance in the UPSC exam, connect with Wise IAS today!

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