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18. Ghadar Movement

The first phase of Revolutionary activities started in 1907 that continues up to 1917. Factor responsible for the rise Revolutionary activities were:-

  • Youngsters want to express their patriotic feeling.
  • The decline of the Swadeshi movement aroused discontent among the mass.
  • Growth of militant trend in South Asia

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  1. The Gadar party was a Revolutionary group organised around the weekly newspaper with its headquarters in San Francisco. These revolutionaries are mainly ex-soldiers and peasants who migrated from Punjab to the United States of America and Canada in search of employment.
  2. These revolutionary activities were carried off by Ramdas Puri, GD Kumar, Lala hardayal, 10, Sohan Singh bhakana. They set up a United India house in Seattle USA and Swadesh Sewak home in Vancouver Canada.
  3. The ghadarites wanted to bring about a Revolt in India that plan was encouraged by two events. One was komgata maru incident and the second was the first world war.
  4. Kartar Singh Sarabha and rhubarb Dayal Gupta left for India. Bengal revolutionaries were contacted, Ras Behari Bose and Sachin Sanyal were asked to lead the movement, Dacoties were committed to raising the fund.
  5. Ghadarites fixed the date of 21 Feb 1915 for Revolt in Ferozepur, Lahore and Rawalpindi garrisons all together. Due to Treachery plan was spoiled And authorities took immediate actions under the Defence of India Act 1915.

Evaluation of ghadar movement

  • this movement was able to create consciousness among all the migrants of the Indian community and all over the world about the conditions of Indians under Colonial rule.
  • Spread of democratic and egalitarian ideas among the people
  • Strengthened the idea of secularism.
  • Created communist leaders and present leaders

Komgatamaru incident

Komgata maru was a ship caring 376 Indians. In March 1914 it began its journey to Vancouver from Singapore. Which was denied to deport by the Canadian Government and returned after 2 month.

It’s impact

  • IT fueled the Gadar moment
  • Anti-British sentiments arose among Indians
  • This incident revealed the imperialistic character of Britishers

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