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40. The Rise of the Left-wing politics

Left-wing politics

Left-wing politics
  • Left-wing politics
  • Rise of CPI and CSP?
  • A. Dange wrote Gandhi and Lenin?
  • Nehru and Bose have left leaning leaders within congress.?
  • Nehru popularise political freedom along with economic freedom – emancipation of masses.?
  • Nehru hold that the replacement of the present system by a higher ideal of co-operative service.?
  • Nehru has complete relationship with Gandhi Ji as later refused to recognize the conflict of classes, preaching harmony between exploited and exploiters, his theory of trusteeship CPI?
  • MN Roy along with Lenin helped evolve the communist internationals policy towards the colonies. ?
  • M.N. Roy established CPI however independent of it groups come together in 1925 and formed CPl ?
  • Kanpur Boot shaved conspiracy case. ?
  • Meerut conspiracy case weaken the left movement.?
  • LEFTIST DEVIRTION -was the biggest setback. ?
  • C. Joshi reorganised CPI and bring CPI back into fore of Nationalism Congress Socialist Party?
  • Young congressman disenchanted with Gandhinian strategy and leadership and attracted towards Social union.?
  • CSP was formed in 1934 under leadership of J.P. Acharya Narendra Dev and Mino Masonic.?
  • CSP was family grounded into the Indian situation of British. As 1938, they refused to support Bose in his Gandhi ji and his right wing of the congress.?
  • We only want to influence the congress decisions. Read more:-Left-wing politics

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