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41. Twenty-Eight Months of Congress Rule

Twenty-Eight Months of Congress Rule

  • TS stop provincialization parliamentary sub-committee was formed.
  • The congress has now dual role government of provinces and GS the opposition the central government.
  • Functions of congress were.
  • Civil liberties – All emergency powers were repealed like PSA though the ban on common of the party remained as imposed by central government police powers were curbed shadowing of political works by CID. Kakori revolutionaries were released.
  • Eight Months of Congress Rule: Peasants and the workers’ Reform of the system of land tenures and the reduction of rent.
  • But did not attempt to completely overhaul the agrarian.
  • All illegal exactions such as Nazarene and beggar were abolished.

Consequences:-Twenty-Eight Months of Congress Rule

  • Eight Months of Congress Rule: The period of the congress ministries witnessed the emergence of serious weakness in the congress.
  • Oppositions, self seekers and carrier drawn by lure of office into the congress fold.
  • As Gandhi accepted the resignation to cleanse the congress.
  • One of the great achievement was their firm handling of communal riots

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