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IAS Main Essay Paper 2018

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The topics asked were from the different subjects of general studies. Frankly speaking, we can not categorise the essay topics into one subject head. Let us see the details


IAS Main Essay Paper 2018IAS Main Essay Paper 2018

The IAS Main Exam has commenced with the Essay Paper. The Essay paper had two sections and four questions in each section. The candidates had to write one essay from each section. Each essay carries 125 marks and the word limit for each essay was 1000-1200 words.

In two hours the candidates had to write the two essays. The topics asked were from the different subjects of general studies. Frankly speaking, we can not categorise the essay topics into one subject head. These topics are the intermingling of the various subtopics from different subjects. A wholesome study of all the general study subjects is required to write a full and effective essay.

The candidates should not write the essay in the isolation with the realities. They should link the essay topics with the real incident happening around the world and specifically in India. The essay should present a practical solution to the social problems and should not provide the utopian solution to the realistic problems.

The IAS Main essay paper this year was a little bit tilted towards the philosophical aspect of the IAS Preparation. No topic asked was direct in nature and the topics given were very generic in nature. No direct topic was asked from the Indian Polity which was the trend in the recent years. This year the topics are a little bit confusing and were not clear about the their essence. The topic such as the “a good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge” cannot be tangibly related to any the subject in the general studies.

The topic “Alternative technologies for a climate change resilient India” was clearly asking the new technologies which are utilised and can be utilised in the climate change mitigation. The candidates on this topic should write about the new technologies and the future technologies which can be used in India. They should not restrict their suggestions only due the budgetary and monetary constraints   faced in India. Also, they should suggest the culture and mindset changes required to adopt new and existing technologies in India. They can also write the type of natural calamities so that a sustainable and climate resilient Infrastructure can be created for the future.

The topic “Poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere” is definitely having the resemblance to the Indian Economy, Social Development, Poverty Alleviation and the likes. It can include the Government Poverty Alleviation Scheme, employment generation programs, Pension programs and other social upliftment programs. The candidates should also give the geographical dispersion of the poverty in India as a whole. The candidates can also include the Global scenario and can present a comparative picture of developed, developing and poor countries. They can also bring in light the crimes originated due to the poverty.