Veterinary Sci Paper-2

Veterinary Sci Paper-2 study material for UPSC CSE help you Learn about all the aspects of Indian Society Daily Evaluate your own performance by writing and practicing two answers given after each lessons


Veterinary Sci Paper-2 Study Material for UPSC IAS Mains & Prelims

Veterinary Sci Paper-2 study material for UPSC CSE will help students clear IAS exam in first attempt. Several books, notes and internet resources were used to compile these notes. Best Study material for UPSC CSE Examination compiled by best content writers. This course is a compilation of our most viewed notes on Veterinary Sci Paper-2, which we think our readers should not miss. Readers can download each of the notes as PDF using the ‘print’ option available at bottom.

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How can we prepare for Veterinary Sci Paper-2 ?

  • Wise IAS courses are specially designed for UPSC CSE Exam. Daily prepare maximum 3 topics of a subject. Focus more on revision, Keep revising every week.

How can I get IAS study material?

  • You can buy these notes for lifetime in One Subscription or you can pay monthly or annually. Our monthly subscription starts with Rs. 300. You can enroll in our Foundation course to get all General studies courses and Optional subjects study material and video lectures.

Which is the best study material for UPSC?

What should I read for Veterinary Sci Paper-2 in UPSC?

  • Focus more on Previous Years Question papers of UPSC CSE. Our notes and study material is according to UPSC CSE syllabus.

Veterinary Sci Paper-2 Study material and Notes for UPSC CSE Exam, Which Aspirants Shouldn't Miss!

he veterinary study material is available for the following topics:

1) Veterinary Anatomy & Histology Lecture Notes

  • Veterinary Histology and Embryology

2) Livestock Production & Management Lecture Notes

  • LPM-211 Avian Production and Management
  • Livestock production management-1

3) Veterinary Microbiology Lecture Notes

  • General Veterinary Microbiology
  • Systemic Veterinary Bacteriology and mycology
  • Immunology
  • Learn With Images

4) Veterinary Pathology Lecture Notes

  • General Veterinary Pathology  

5) Animal Nutrition Lecture Notes

  • Applied Animal Nutrition
  •  Laboratory procedures in animal nutrition
  •  Zoo/ wild animal breeding nutrition management & health care
  • Pet animal breeding, nutrition, management and healthcare 

6) Veterinary Biochemistry Lecture Notes

7) Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology Lecture Notes

  • Milk and Meat Hygiene, Food Safety and Public Health

8) Livestock Products Technology Lecture Notes

  • Meat Science
  • Milk & Milk products technology
  • Abattoir practices and animal products technology

9) Veterinary Surgery & Radiology Lecture Notes

  • General veterinary surgery anaesthesiology & Radiology

10) Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Extension Education Lecture Notes

  • Principles and techniques of veterinary and animal husbandry extension

11) Veterinary Physiology Lecture Notes

12) Animal Genetics & Breeding Lecture Notes

13) Veterinary Gynaecology & Obstetrics Lecture Notes

  • Veterinary Obstetrics

14) Veterinary Medicine Lecture Notes

  • Veterinary clinical medicine
  • Veterinary preventive medicine
  • Pet animal breeding, nutrition, management and healthcare
  • Zoo/ wild animal breeding nutrition management & healthcare

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