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Synonymes –

  • Range paralysis
  • Skin leukosis
  • Neural leukosis
  • Neural lymphomatosis


Herps B virus (gallid herper virus 2)Epidemiology

Chicken, quail & turkey are most imp. Natural host

Route of Transmission

  • Inhalation of infected material from environment
  • Virus shed from feather follicles (dandruff), oral, nasal and tracheal secretion


Three phase of viral infection Virus replicate on lungs?

 Cytolytic infection of lymphoid system        

             (bursa and thymus)                 

Infection occurs in B-lymphocyte                                                              

          Antigen production

Marek’s disease associated tumour

Specific Antiger (MATSA) and cell death?

Long term carrier state of disease   

due Latent infection of T cell?

Transformation of these into neoplastic cells? Multiply in peripheral nerve, other organ to from lymphoid neoplasm.

Clinical Finding

1. Classical or neural form

Paralysis of leg, drooping of using Bird are unable to stand & remain in recumbent position Legs and wing stretched in either direction ‘split leg’ stance

2. Acute/visceral form –

Depression, droopiness, unthriftness, dehydration & emaciation

3. Ocular form

Blindness, grey or pearl eye (due to monomuclear all infictration)

4. Skin or cutaneous from

Distinct skin nodules


  • Affected nerve is thickend (2-3 times), striation & glistening appearance of nerve lost
  • Ovary cauliflower like
  • Atrophy of lursa of fabricius
  • Tiny whitish streaks to nodular tomour and atrophy of muscle .


1. Histopathological chance / proliferation of lymphablastic cells

2. Demonstration of MATSA on individual cell by immunofluorescence


  • Rear chick in strictly isolated manner
  • Sophisticated method of rearing by using filtered air positive pressure
  • All in and all out method of rearing should be followed
  • Development of genetic resistance birds.