Advantages of Veterinary Optional for UPSC

Nature of the subject

Veterinary Science is a multidisciplinary subject. Hence, it is good for candidates with a science/engineering background. Once the concepts or the theory behind any phenomenon are understood, you can easily write the answers in your own words.

Scoring subject

Many consider Veterinary Science a scoring subject because of many factors:

  1. In theories, there are conceptual and fact-based questions where there is less margin to reduce marks.
  2. You can draw diagrams, flowcharts and tables to represent your answers better and drive the point home. A single good diagram speaks for about a hundred words. This saves time in the mains exam.
  3. Very few candidates choose this optional hence very less competition.


How to start?

To start with this optional, the Wise IAS’s Veterinary Science Courses on Paper 1 & Paper-2 are excellent source. They present the concepts in a clear and simple language along with video lectures. They are easy to read and understand, especially if you are a newbie to the subject.

Note making

Notes are very important during preparation, particularly when you are tackling a vast subject like Veterinary Science. Make sure you make notes only for those topics for which textbooks do not provide a readable content. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time. Do not make notes for every topic.

Previous year question papers

It is important to solve previous year papers as it gives you a sense of the of the most important topics.

Answer writing 

  • Always write in point format and make sub categories in your answers
  • Diagrams are very important. They help you explain concepts with fewer words. You can save time by including diagrams in your answers. They also fetch more marks.
  • Try to incorporate aspects of both Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science in your answers. Wherever possible, try to present the administrative angel also.

Tackling the huge syllabus

It is important to read the syllabus thoroughly before starting with the preparation.

Benefits of Veterinary Science Optional:

Books for Vet. Science Optional in IAS

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