Animal Reproduction
Animal Nutrition
Animal Physiology
4. Animal Genetics & Breeding
5. Livestock production management (LPM)
6. Extension

Syllabus and Previous years Papers of Extension


Basic philosophy, objectives, concept and principles of extension.

Different Methods adopted to educate farmers under rural conditions. Generation of technology, its transfer and feedback.

Problems and constraints in transfer of technology.

Animal husbandry programmes for rural development.

Previous years Papers of Extension


List out various sheep development programmes taken up in India. What are the constraints in implementation of these programmes and how to overcome them?

Explains the principles of extension education in India.


Write in detail about the constraints in transfer of technology to the farmers.

Discuss in detail about different animal husbandry programmes for rural development in India.


Advantages and disadvantages of individual contact method of extension.

Discuss the cattle and sheep development programme for improving the economic status of farmers.


  • What are the fundamental objectives of extension? Write the aims of extensions in accordance with National Commission on Agriculture.
  • What is the importance of extension programme in the Indian farming system? What are the different methods utilised by extension workers in training farmers?
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