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NREGA May demand is highest for month in 8 years: 2.19 Cr households

What is NREGA?

The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 (2005) is a social security scheme that attempts to provide employment and livelihood to labourers in the country. The scheme gives 100 days work to every NREGA card holder.

When does this demand hike?

In normal years demand for employment under NREGA rises during April to June as there are no major agricultural activities in this period. But this effect of Corona Virus and lockdown have impacted rural employment very hard.

Record hike in demand in May 2020

Lakhs of migrant workers are reaching their villages due to this pandemic. All those who had a Job Card, utilized by getting some employment in this tough time. 2.19 cr households utilized job card in May and this number is expected to go far in June. The average number of workers who are offered job daily across the nation are over 2.5cr. This number was 1.45cr workers per day last year.

Critical days ahead

As the summer advances and the labour migration torural India due to Covid-19complete we will see a huge rise in demand for work. There are two major reasons – first, low employment opportunities in rural areas in summer and second, the addition in rural workforce because of return of migrant workers. Greater flexibility in the functioning of NREGA and timely response to demand for work will be critical in the days ahead.

Under CPEC, China to build 1,124-megawatt power project in PoK

What is CPEC project?

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor project emphasizes major upgrades to Pakistan’s ageing railway system, including rebuilding of the entire Main Line 1 railway between Karachi and Peshawar by 2020; this single railway currently handles 70% of Pakistan Railway traffic.

What are the benefits of China?

Economic development of relatively backward Western Regions especially Xinjiang will bring peace and stability facilitating trade with Central Asia to meet the growing energy needs. CPEC would afford China the shortest access to its markets in Asia, Europe and beyond.

This Power Project –

On Monday Pakistan Energy Minister Omar Ayub presented the details of the Kohala hydropower project in the 127th meeting of the Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB).

Despite India’s objection to it, this 1,124-megawatt power project agreement has been finalised among China’s  Three Gorges Corporation, the PoK authorities and the PPIB.

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