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1. India’s solar ferry sails into global contest

Know about Aditya Solar ferry first –

It is India’s first solar- powered ferry and the largest solar-powered boat in India. The vessel was designed and built by NavAlt Solar and Electric Boats in Kochi. This boat operates between Vaikkom and Thavanakkadavu in the state of Kerala. It was inaugurated by Kerala Chief Minister Sri Pinarai Vijayan and Central Cabinet Minister for Power & Renewable Energy, Sri Piyush Goyal on 12 January 2017.

Why in News again?

Aditya solar ferry is one of those 12 ferries that have been shortlisted for the Gustave Trouve Award. There are total three award categories – (i). For 8m long electric boats, (ii). For more than 8m long electric boats & (iii). For the electric ferry boats in which lie Aditya Solar Ferry.

About this award –

Gussies Electric Boat Awards were instituted in memory of Gustave Trouve, a French electrical engineer and pioneer in electric cars and boats. Trouve had patent of over 75 inventions. He also developed a 5-m long boat.

A ray of hope for clean energy–

Buoyed by the success of the ferry and its rock bottom operating cost, the ‘Kerala State Water Transport Department is expected to roll out more such vessels in the future. Aditya ferry’s per kilometer cost is low as it covers 66 km per day making 22 trips. Its one time passenger carrying capacity is 75.

Poles apart are the cost differences between a diesel-run ferry and electric-ferry as Aditya takes only 180/- Rs energy per day only compared to diesel-run ferry which takes 8000/- Rs for the same run.

2. Brazil could quit WHO, warns Bolsonaro

What’s the scene in Brazil?

A mayor from one of the largest Brazil city said its health system is at the verge of collapsing as the public hospitals have reached more than 90% of its capacity and will run out of space soon.

Now if the public health care system fails in Brazil the havoc will be terrible afterwards.

The case study of Brazil –

Brazil’s outbreak is the second largest in the world now. The death toll is 17000 the world’s sixth-highest figure. Health experts have warned that the real number of confirmed infections in the country may be far higher than the official records, due to a lack of testing.

What Brazil is going to do now?

Sau Paulo has a population of about 12 million, and most the residents are ignoring social distancing rules. Keeping this in mind Brazil is going to introduce a strict lockdown to try to prevent hospitals being overwhelmed. Mr Covas, the mayor of the largest state of Brazil Sao Paulo urged the people to ‘slow down even more’ to reduce contagion.

& the President warns to quit –

Brazilian Prsident Jair Bolsnaro has threatened to pull out of the World Health Organization (WHO) over ‘ideological bias’. European countries that are among the hardest hit are steadily reopening with the infection rates slowing even as Latin America is battered by the epidemic, especially Brazil which now has the world’s second-highest number of virus deaths.

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