Explained: Why Cyclone Burevi will not be as strong as Cyclone Nivar?

Context: Seven days after Cyclone Nivar hit the Karaikal coast, another cyclone, Burevi, named by the Maldives, is expected to cross Tamil Nadu’s southernmost district of Kanyakumari.

  • This is the third cyclone formed within the last 10 days in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, put together.

Will Cyclone Burevi be as strong as Cyclone Nivar?

  • Developed in the Bay of Bengal, the very severe cyclone Nivar, had hit near Karaikal on November 25.
  • Unstable sea conditions, in the southwest region of Bay of Bengal, continue due to the recent crossing of Nivar.
  • This is why meteorologists say there is a high possibility that Cyclone Burevi would not strengthen beyond the intensity of a cyclonic storm.
  • Due to upwelling caused by Nivar, Cyclone Burevi will have limited intensity.
  • When such consecutive systems develop in the same region of the ocean, the predecessor system leads to upwelling — the process in which cooler waters from lower ocean surfaces are pushed towards upper ocean surfaces.
  • In the absence of warm sea surface conditions, any cyclone, in this case Burevi, will not get enough fuel to intensify further while at sea.
  • The IMD has indicated that Burevi will remain a cyclonic storm (wind speed 62 to 88 km/hr) till December 5, before it weakens into a deep depression.