Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP)

Context: The Article 243G of the Constitution intended to empower the Gram Panchayats (GPs) by enabling the State Governments to devolve powers and authority in respect of all 29 Subjects listed in the Eleventh Schedule for local planning and implementation of schemes for economic development and social justice.


  • In 2015, the Fourteenth Finance Commission grants were devolved to GPs that provided them with an enormous opportunity to plan for their development themselves.
  • Since then, local bodies, across the country are expected to prepare context specific, need based Gram Panchayat Development Plans (GPDP).
  • Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP) brings together both the citizens and their elected representatives in the decentralized planning processes. 
  • Apart from the demand related to basic infrastructure and services, resource development and convergence of departmental schemes, GPDP has potential to address the social issues.
  • GPDP is conducted from 2nd October to 31st December, every year across the country, under the People’s Plan Campaign (PPC).
  • Since last two years, the PPC guidelines and the joint advisory issued by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj and Ministry of Rural Development, has mandated Self Help Groups and their federations under Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Rural Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NRLM) to participate in the annual GPDP planning process and prepare the Village Poverty Reduction Plan (VPRP).
  • VPRP is a comprehensive demand plan prepared by the Self Help Group (SHG) network and their federations for projecting their demands and local area development which needs to be integrated with the Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP).
  • The VPRP is presented in the Gram Sabha meetings from Oct. to Dec. every year.

People’s Plan Campaign (PPC) of Ministry of Panchayat Raj

  • Drawing heavily from the Kerala’s planning process, the Central government launched its People’s Plan Campaign (PPC) for panchayats from October 2 to December 31 2018 with the slogan Sabki Yojana Sabka Vikas.
  • The Centre’s Plan document defines it as People’s Plan Campaign/Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP).
  • It is being construed as a precursor to revive the Five Year Plan in local bodies.
  • When the Centre relinquished the Five Year Plan and substituted Planning Commission with NITI Aayog, Kerala resolved to pursue the traditional planning process and revived the People’s Plan Campaign model.
  • The Centre’s Plan document terms GPDP as a comprehensive participatory process which involves full convergence with schemes of all related Central Ministries, line departments related to 29 subjects listed in the Eleventh Schedule of the Constitution.

Kudumbashree National Resource Organisation (KS-NRO)

  • Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), recognised Kudumbashree as a National Resource Organisation (KS-NRO) under the National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) in 2013.
  • KS-NRO is expected to provide technical and implementation assistance to the State Rural Livelihood Missions (SRLMs) that partner with it.

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