Green Term Ahead Market (GTAM)

Context: As a first step towards Greening the Indian short-term power Market, pan-India Green Term Ahead Market (GTAM) in electricity has been launched.

Key Benefits of GTAM

  1. The introduction of the GTAM platform would lessen the burden on renewable energy (RE)-rich States and incentivize them to develop RE capacity beyond their own RPO.
  2. This would promote RE merchant capacity addition and help in achieving RE capacity addition targets of the country.
  3. GTAM platform will lead to an increase in the number of participants in the renewable energy sector.
  4. It will benefit buyers of RE through competitive prices and transparent and flexible procurement.
  5. It will also benefit RE sellers by providing access to the pan- India market

Green Term Ahead Market Contracts Will:

  1. Allow additional avenues to the RE generators for sale of renewable energy;
  2. Enable Obligated entities to procure renewable power at competitive prices to meet their Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPO); and
  3. Provide a platform to environmentally conscious open access consumers and utilities to buy green power.

Key Features of GTAM

  1. Transactions through GTAM will be bilateral in nature with clear identification of corresponding buyers and sellers, there will not be any difficulty in accounting for RPO.
  2. GTAM contracts will be segregated into Solar RPO & Non-Solar RPO as RPO targets are also segregated.
  3. Energy scheduled through GTAM contract shall be considered as deemed RPO compliance of the buyer.

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