How to Prepare for IAS Exams During This Lockdown?

Amid the coronavirus national lockout, the UPSC postponed the Civil Services Preliminary Exams 2020 until further notice. Because of this situation because many IAS aspirants from different states are trapped in their hometowns and were not able to travel back to the city. Since the whole nation is under lockdown, it is also not possible for the students to prepare for the IAS to go for coaching.

Though there is online IAS coaching, yet the lockdown has impaired IAS aspirants’ mental wellbeing, disrupting their entire study schedule, generating confusion about the Prelims 2020 exam and, most significantly, affecting the concentration of students who now have to participate in other household activities apart from their studies.

One can certainly think a lot of negative things about the lockdown, but if you look at it positively, it is a blessing particularly for those students who scored less than 80 marks in any Prelims Test Series’ Full Mock Tests. There are growing techniques that could be the most effective use of lockdown for UPSC Prelims 2020 is followed by the students.

Revision of static subjects to enhance the quality of the subject matter. Many students may not have the study material with them, but with the Intensive Prelims Guidance Program (IPGP), they may be able to revise Prelims 2020.

Current affairs reporting and revision intensively and thoroughly so that no problem in the review can look like obscure subject to you.

Practice and Review MCQs: This is a particularly good time for those students who haven’t practiced about 8000 plus MCQs. This lockdown helps them to practice more and more MCQs so they can develop the ability to solve Prelims questions and find different tricks to solve them even without knowing the subject.

Free Mock Tests: Every student must give 1 Complete Mock Test per week and try to score in these tests more than 110 marks if they want to be well prepared for Prelims 2020. If any student fails to recognize their weak areas, they can start revising those concepts.

Incorporate the self-feedback from the Full Mock Assessments and strengthen the vulnerable areas of error making. It will be a closed-loop framework where your suggestions will help improve your knowledge base, leading to higher scores in Complete Mock Tests.

Courses: Besides, during the preparation, you can use the time the lockout has accrued to focus on any particular area you lack in. You can join a course online which will help you to prepare these topics holistically. The best online coaching for IAS will have a lot of teaching videos and other materials for guidance.

Online test series: Joining the offline test series is out of the question with the lockout, so you should enter an online test series from any reputable test-prep institution.

Telegram / WhatsApp Groups: Telegram groups are another vital tool that can be leveraged. Enter related communities of telegrams to get access to substantial free services.

Lastly, every IAS aspirant must have a clear schedule and goals to achieve because lockdown will affect your mental health, and the studies would become boredom which is certainly not good for your Prelims.

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