IAS Preparation is a daunting yet deeply enriching experience. Aspirants who begin this journey obviously have a number of questions and doubts. Indeed, if such concerns are not resolved at the outset of a preparatory process, the decent 3-4 months of precious time will quickly be lost off. 

Questions that surrounds every aspirant in UPSC CSE

At Wise IAS Academy, you will find  Solution for All Your Doubts ! 

How do I start my preparation?

  1. Start Your Preparation with NCERTs Summary available at Wise IAS Academy free of Cost.
  2. Video lectures on all Lessons are available in our NCERTs Courses 
  3. Download Free NCERTs from  WISE IAS Click here for free PDF

What are the Study Materials available for GS preparation for IAS?

  1. We are Providing Quality Study Material in the form of Courses at Wise IAS Academy at very Affordable Cost.
  2. Video lectures on all topics are available in our Courses
  3.  Our Courses cover all the topics for UPSC CSE General Studies 

How can I choose an optional?

  1. The subject should: 

    • Enthuse you
    • You have a Gut feeling for it
    • Have books/notes easily available
  2.  Limited Syllabus
  3.  Scoring
  4.  Easy to understand

Look at the syllabus of various Optional and select for yourself. We Suggest Veterinary Science Optional for Science Background students

Books Required?

See, I am a fan of Ebooks but for UPSC I do NOT recommend ebooks. Get physical books instead as you can write important stuff on the margins and then recall it later. Even you will feel at home as you appear to be an avid reader.

Must Have BOOKS: Buy Here

Indian Polity – Laxmikanth
Indian Economy – Sanjiv Verma
Geography – GC Leong, NCERTs
History – Bipin Chandra all 3 + NCERT

Is it possible to clear UPSC IAS while being in a full-time job

In fact this year toppers:

Pradeep Singh and Jatin Kishore both are working professionals. Due to their perseverance, hard work and best resources they were able to crack it.

Is one year enough to clear this UPSC CSE?

It only depends upon you. How much time you are spending on preparation on daily basis. The more quality time you spend on preparation, more closer will be you towards your goal.

How can I cover current affairs when the syllabus is so vast?

  1. The Hindu (One English Daily)
  2. IE Explained section on website (for comprehensive understanding of an issue)
  3. One daily compilation from Wise IAS: Click Here
  4. All India Radio— Spotlight/Discussion.

Where can I get UPSC study materials/IAS study material PDF?

We at Wise IAS are providing Courses for IAS Exam Preparation at affordable Prices

Which is Best Test Series for IAS Prelims and Mains ?

Wise IAS is providing free IAS Prelims test Series at affordable Prices

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