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The IAS exams are conducted every year by Union Public Service Commission. As a part of the preparation for IAS, the NCERT notes are helpful as they help in preparing for the exams. The notes are prepared by the subject-matter experts and are recommended for both UPSC prelims 2020 and the UPSC mains 2020. 

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The NCERT notes for UPSC are basically important points needed for understanding all the chapters from subjects of classes 6 to 12. The NCERT notes are compiled by the experts on the subject matter who arrange the topics in a systematic manner based on the convenience of students. 

One of the essential parts of the IAS preparation is taking good revision notes, and the NCERT summary for UPSC helps in that. Students with good revision notes are usually able to score good marks as notes consist of minute details required for clearing IAS exams.

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Significance of NCERT book notes for UPSC

  • In the NCERT notes, all the topics are covered in a precise and crisp manner for clear understanding and revision.
  • For understanding the concepts in an in-depth manner, it is said that you must cover the NCERT notes at least 3 times during the course of preparation.
  • The notes are designed in such a way that the essence of the topics is intact. They are by far one of the best materials for quick revision during IAS preparation.
  • It can be challenging and impractical to cover and go through all the NCERT textbooks while revision, the Wise IAS NCERT summary notes can help.
  • All the notes are offered in a neat, clear and structured manner which makes it visually attractive and easy to read.
  • The notes are a must-read as they contain an important summary of facts and concepts in s point-wise manner.
  • The topics comprise of various subjects like Geography, History, Art and Culture. 
  • The NCERT notes are ready to study, and students can easily revise with the help of them.
  • In fact, the NCERT notes for Art and Culture contain illustrations and diagrams which help students in understanding the concepts better and faster.
  • The NCERT notes for UPSC are precise, which helps students who find it challenging to read history textbooks.
  • The NCERT history for UPSC is critical from the GS viewpoint. 

The NCERT notes are a must-read because of the following reasons:

  • The NCERT explains the basic concepts in a simple language and clear manner as they are designed for school children. 
  • The NCERT course contains authentic information as the government institutions provide the information. 
  • If there is a doubt about a specific topic, students can safely rely on what’s given in the NCERT.
  • The NCERT notes have information that is derived after thorough and extensive research.
  • The basic concepts provided in these books can serve the basis for you to upgrade to advanced textbooks.

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