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Preparation for the UPSC civil services examination have to be combatted by solving previous years question papers UPSC Prelims and Mains.  The best way to get a feel for the pattern and style of the UPSC questions is to practice the practice as many questions.

IAS Prelims Papers

IAS Mains Papers


With the previous UPSC question-paper anaysis, one can clearly grasp the standard of the civil service examination. You can find both the question papers of IAS Prelims and the IAS mains papers in this article.

UPSC Previous Year Question Papers – IAS Exam Question Paper 2013 -2019

Tackling the UPSC IAS question papers of the past 10 years is perfect, but  provides you the IAS question papers from 2013 to 2019 in view of the shift in the trend of the UPSC examination.

You would be able to view the IAS Question Papers for Prelims, Mains, and Optional Subjects of the previous year using the links given below.

IAS Prelims Paper

The UPSC IAS Prelims Paper is required only for screening. The score of UPSC Prelims is a qualification for the UPSC mains examination and these marks are not considered in order to determine the final merit list.

There are two papers in IAS Prelims with objective type questions. Both the papers carry 200 marks each and it serves as a screening test only.

Paper-II consist of CSAT in Preliminary Exam. The candidate need to score a minimum of 33% of marks to write in Mains (written).

Paper-I is of General Studies in IAS Prelims, consist mainly the current affairs, while Paper-II or CSAT is the aptitude test.

The previous years’ UPSC Exam Question bank (prelims) is given below:


Why solving UPSC question papers is important?

In addition to knowing the actual questions for the IAS examination, you would get mains answer writing practices that is necessary for overall rank. The UPSC questions can help you to figure out the MCQ trends of the prelims in Prelims paper.

Speed and tricks to avoid negative marks in the prelims paper must be developed and learned. From the optional point of view, previous IAS question papers are also important. Furthermore, solving the IAS paper allows you to know how to respond by writing and how to sequence each answer.

So, candidates must solve at least previous years UPSC papers of st 10 years before they give their actual IAS paper.

It is crucial to solve UPSC question papers of the previous year because:

  • To grasp the understanding the type of UPSC questions asked in the civil services exam.
  • To know what all topics are are important, this is why solving previous years question papers becomes important. 
  • Civil service mains question papers should be solved in order to get an answer writing practice for the IAS exam.

The practice of questions from previous years is one of the significant achievements in the cycle of planning an the exam of civil services, but most aspirants do not even attempt to solve last year question papers of UPSC. 

Benefits of UPSC Sample Paper:

Together with last year question papers, candidates are recommended to continue to solve the most sample papers or mock tests of UPSC to practice. Once candidates solves UPSC sample papers, they become prepared for the final day.  


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