Test Series for UPSC CSE 2020

The online test series designed by us keep the UPSC syllabus into consideration. Our experts strive to offer you the best revision and practice via UPSC CSE online test series. These series enhance the chances of the IAS aspirants to crack the civil service examination 2020.

Wise IAS Offers the Best Test Series for UPSC for Scoring High 

Our best test series for UPSC CSE offers thorough coverage of the syllabus. Apart from that, the revision plans are designed in such a way that they cover entire static and current portions many times. With the help of our mentoring, our aim is to enable each student to prepare with the required skills and tools needed for handling UPSC exams.


What makes the WISE IAS Prelim Test Series Unique?

  • We cover the syllabus of the UPSC CSE exam in a thorough manner via standard MCQs.
  • The tests are organized in the same way as real IAS exams. This helps in practicing time management so that students don’t get pressurized during the actual exam.
  • Our sectional tests help students to cover each subject thoroughly in enough time and assess their performance with the help of our tests. The MCQ options are placed in a way they students can apply elimination tactics while solving questions.
  • Strict adherence to UPSC pattern as well as the nature of questions from factual to conceptual.

Students can further evaluate their performance with the help of the following:

– Performance analysis of aspirants

– Section-wise analysis

– Difficulty analysis

– Integrated scorecard

– Analysis of mock test papers based on the difficulty level

One of the major benefits of these mock test series is that it helps the students to experience the difficulty and environment of the actual IAS exam. This helps them in preparing mentally as well and getting rid of the stress that always comes with fear of the unknown. Also, these mock tests help in assessing their strength and weakness and work on areas where they lag behind.

It has been advised that for the best results, the students must take the exam in the stipulated time limit as only then they will be able to practice for the actual test. Once the exam is done, students should certainly go through the explanations of the answers carefully so that they can rectify the errors.

If a student wishes to write the exam again for revision purposes, they can download the paper and attempt it offline.

For the best UPSC CSE test series, connect with Wise IAS today!