Ka-226T utility helicopters (TH)

Context: The total indigenous content of the Ka-226T utility helicopters, to be jointly manufactured locally by India and Russia with Transfer of Technology (ToT), is between 27%-33%, said Chairman and MD of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)

  • In 2015, India and Russia had concluded an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) for at least 200 Ka-226T twin engine utility helicopters estimated to cost over $1 billion with 60 helicopters to be directly imported and remaining 140 manufactured locally.


  • The Ka-226T is a light-weight utility helicopter and features a coaxial twin-rotor system i.e. it has two sets of rotors mounted one on top of the other and it does not have a tail rotor.
    • Coaxial rotors give a helicopter improvements in lift and payload capacity over conventional choppers.
    • This is especially advantageous in high-altitude environments where an aircraft’s performance at take-off tends to diminish due to the lower air density.

It is eco-friendly features, cost-effective, with advanced avionics and extra flight safety solutions make this helicopter one among the simplest models in its class.

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