“Life in Miniature” Project

Context: Union Minister of State for Culture and Tourism virtually launched the “Life in Miniature” project, a collaboration between the National Museum, New Delhi, Ministry of Culture, and Google Arts & Culture.


  • Several hundred miniature paintings from the National Museum, New Delhi can be viewed online on Google Arts & Culture by people around the globe.
  • The project uses technologies like machine learning, augmented reality and digitization with high-definition robotic cameras, to showcase these special works of art in a magical new way.
  • On the Google Arts & Culture app, online viewers can experience the first Augmented Reality-powered art gallery designed with traditional Indian architecture, and explore a life-size virtual space where you can walk up to a selection of miniature paintings.
  • The artworks showcased are presented along five universal themes of the human relationship with nature, love, celebration, faith and power. 

The National Museum, New Delhi

  • The National Museum, New Delhi, under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, is the premiere cultural institution of the Nation. 
  • The National Museum, today, has in its possession over 2,00,000 antiquities & art objects, both of Indian and Foreign origin covering more than 5,000 years of our cultural heritage. 

Google Arts & Culture

  • Google Arts & Culture puts the collections of more than 2,000 museums at one’s fingertips.
  • It’s an immersive way to explore art, history and the wonders of the world.

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