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IAS is one of the most reputed jobs in our country, and every year, many aspirants appear for the exam. Students need a study material to prepare for the exams, and one of the essential parts of IAS preparation is NCERT books for UPSC.

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  1. Class 6th Our Past – I
  2. Class 7th Our Past – II
  3. Class 8th our past – III
  4. Class 9th India & Contemporary World – 1
  5. Class 10th India and the Contemporary World-II
  6. Class 11th Themes in World History
  7. Class 12th Themes in Indian History -1 
  8. Class 12th – Themes in Indian History – 2
  9. Class 12th Themes in Indian History-3


  1. Class 6th The Earth : Our Habitat  
  2.  Class 7th Our Environment 
  3. Class 8th Resources and Development
  4. Class 9th Contemporary India -I
  5. Class 10th Resources and Development 
  6. Class 11th Physical and Environment
  7. Class 11th Fundamentals and Physical Geography
  8. Class 12th India People and Economy
  9. Class 12th Fundamentals of Human Geography


   1. Class 9th Economics
   2.  Class 10th Understanding Economic Development 
   3. Class 11th Indian Economic Development
   4. Class 12th Introductory Macroeconomics


  1. Class 6th The Constitution of india 
  2. Class 7th Equality in Indian Democracy
  3. Class 8th Social and Political Life -III
  4. Class 9th Democratic Politics -I
  5. Class 10th Democratic Politics – II 
  6. Class 11th Political Theory 
  7. Clsss 11th Indian Constitution at work
  8. Class 12th Politics in India Since Independence 


  1. Class 11th Introducing Sociology
  2. Class 11th Understanding Society
  3. Class 12th Indian Society 
  4. Social Change and Development in India 


  1. Class 12th Psychology

The CBSE NCERT books are one of the best study materials for the IAS aspirants. The experts design the books after doing in-depth analysis and research of a particular subject and understanding of the intellectual level of the students. The NCERT books are written in a simple language that includes basic fundamentals on all the topics. The NCERT books work as a basis for the students to crack the competitive exams after school and graduation. 

We at Wise IAS offer quality NCERT books for UPSC preparation to help the students in their studies and prepare effectively for the exams. We offer free NCERT books in the PDF format online from class 6 to 12. 

The CBSE NCERT books should not be ignored when preparing for the IAS exam. Ideally, you should read all the books related to UPSC from class 6 to 12, but even in these books, some topics can be more important than others. Subject wise UPSC preparation books from NCERT are available for preparing for the IAS. 

Why NCERT is a must for IAS aspirants?

  • NCERT books have concise information that too in simple language, which makes it easy to understand the notes for students. These notes are important from UPSC prelims and the main exam viewpoint. 
  • NCERT books are not the only study material, but they are a must and should not be ignored. It is recommended that students should also go through subject-specific books such as Indian polity. They should also keep track of the current affairs as it is crucial for cracking the IAS exam.
  • For UPSC preparation, Yojana magazine can prove to be really helpful. The magazine contains credible facts and data which can prove to be helpful in UPSC mains exams. It is an authentic source of information as it is printed by the government. 
  • It has been observed that every year at least 35 to 40% of the questions are directly asked from the NCERTs.
  • If you go through the NCERT books for the prelims, it can also help in preparing for the mains. For example, the Geography NCERTs of classes 11 and 12 and history NCERT of classes 10 and 11 are one of the most comprehensive books that every aspirant must-read.
  • It can help in planning the study; otherwise, you may feel lost in the big ocean of study materials.

When reading the NCERT books, underline the important parts during 1st reading and read and optimize the underlined part in the 2nd reading. Now make crisp notes in the final reading and rely only on the notes. Revise these notes time and again. 

If you are looking for NCERT books for IAS preparation, connect with Wise IAS today!