Ninox40 (TH)

Context: SpearUAV, developers and suppliers of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for defence and homeland security applications from Israel, has signed a pact with Paras Aerospace to unveil Ninox40.



  • It is a micro-tactical drone for military and paramilitary forces, internal security and law enforcement agencies.
  • This micro-tactical drone system was specifically designed for single-user operation and can be launched manually or from a standard grenade launcher.
  • Ninox 40 weighs under 250g – and is lightweight enough to be incorporated into the soldier’s vest and carried on the person during combat. Ninox -40 has up to 40- minutes’ flight capacity, extensive ISTAR capabilities, a day and night camera for enhanced situational awareness.
  • Build to withstand harsh battle conditions, the ruggedized system is ideal for tactical urban environments.

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