Shadow puppetry (TH)

  • Tholpavakkoothu or shadow puppetry is a traditional temple art in Kerala.
  • It is used to be performed in the Bhadrakali temples of Palakkad, telling tales from the Ramayana.
  • The narrative used for the performance is a mixture of prose and poetry called Adalpattu.
  • The puppetry is staged on a special structure in temple premises called Koothumadam.
  • Togalu Gombeyatta is the shadow theatre of Karnataka is known as Togalu Gombeyatta.
  • The puppets differ in size according to their social status, for instance, large size for kings and religious characters and smaller size for common people or servants.
  • Tholu Bommalata is Andhra Pradesh’s shadow theatre and has the richest and strongest tradition.
  • Ravanachhaya is the most theatrical shadow puppetry and is a popular form of entertainment in the Odisha region.
  1. They do not have any joints attached to them, making it a more complex art.
  2. Use of non-human puppets such as trees and animals is common.

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