Tips for the college going students for IAS

prepare for IAS

The college-going students have a different level of energy and the sharpness of the minds which help to increase the chances of them clearing the prepare for IAS exam. To get the coaching, they can join the best coaching institute for IAS. But, only going to coaching institutes is not enough and one has to follow various tips and tricks to clear the exam.

 Some of the tips are mentioned as follows:

 1. The students must take the early-based advantage:

One must remember that the eligibility criteria for IAS exam are 21 years along with the graduation in any of the subjects. The final year students can apply for the prelims. A lot of candidates miss this opportunity and then they realize that the time has gone. In case one starts early than one will have a number of advantages. One must get the right guidance at each and every step so that one can clear the exam.

 2. Students must prioritize their time:

A lot of college-going students has time-related constraints in the prepare for IAS exam. So, it is very much important to prioritize the things and one must indulge in only those things which are extremely important. One must be thorough with the syllabus for the UPSC and one must go through question papers to get the right direction.

 3. One must buy the books for preparation of IAS:

In case one has decided with the goal of becoming an IAS officer, then one has to begin with buying the books for preparation of exam. One can buy NCERT books, books for economics and books for history which are recommended by the experts.

 4. One must enrol for the mock tests: 

One must get into the mock series of tests as soon as possible. Initially, one must not worry about the marks, but one can take this as an opportunity for learning. This test will help to understand the pattern of the questions along with various difficult concepts. These will be a good guiding light throughout the whole process.

 5. One must very well utilize the time:

In case one is free, then one must utilize that time very well in the preparation of the exam. One can install various applications available on the Play Store and App Store which will help to provide the resources for free. This is a good way to enhance knowledge.

 6. One must read the newspapers daily:

One must never leave the habit of reading the newspaper irrespective of the constraints of time. No matter in which mood one is, he/she must develop a habit of reading newspapers and the best quality articles which are published in them.

 One must also give proper attention to the editorials and educational articles published in the newspapers. Magazines are also a good source of information.

 One can also join the IAS school which will provide the right direction in clearing the exam. The main thing is that one must have a good command over the current affairs so that one is highly knowledgeable all the time.

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