Strategies for Preparation of IAS Examination

Indian Administrative Service(IAS) is one of the toughest competitive examinations in India conducted by the Union Public Service Commission(UPSC). Around Five lakh aspirants compete to clear this examination, but only a few of them come out successful. It requires rigorous efforts and planned approaches to complete the wide syllabus for the exam. Therefore, many institutes and online classes for IAS are available. Online tutorials provide video presentations, lectures, expert advice, and mock test from time to time. Furthermore, the updated daily news and current affairs sections are sent separately to every student who has registered for the online classes of IAS preparation.

To clear this test, every applicant has to go through various subjects, topics, Current affairs, News trends, and previous question papers. There are certain strategies that an applicant needs to adopt to get better results.

Syllabus Insight- The most important aspect of this exam is the proper understanding of the syllabus. One must go through the outline of the curriculum very carefully and obediently. This exam is leveled to be the most difficult one in the nation; therefore, the content must be well-read in terms of what should be given more importance.

Previous years Papers- The applicants must possess and go through the past years’ question papers thoroughly. It helps in understanding the pattern of the exam. It is also a great form of revision for the candidates as they can solve the whole paper after completing their syllabus, which will help them to assess their strengths and weaknesses.

Current affairs- It emphasizes analysis and discussion of the news and events taking place globally. A candidate has to go through all the details of this genre as they form an essential part of the examination. Newspaper, magazine, E-newsletter, etc. are some of the sources for this information.

Coaching- This is another helpful aspect for cracking out the examination as it provides updated patterns and frameworks for the exam. Lectures and tests by the experienced faculty will help to gain information, and the same should be noted down. The topic-wise notes should be prepared. The online IAS coaching classes are available, making it convenient for every aspirant residing in any part of the world to prepare at any time.

Introspection- The preparation of the IAS is not only about cramming the topics but also to understand and connect the same. Every subject or topic holds an inter-relation with each other. For Instance, the various political issues are based on various reasons, and those reasons hold causes based on various theories.

Apart from all these strategies, civil aspirants must gain enough strength to make the will power strong. One must not lose hope and keep on moving with hard work. In this process, mind and body health must not be ignored. Compromising the health can be counterproductive to the preparation. The fundamentals can be well equipped from the NCERT books. The right tactics and planning at the right time will bud your efforts into a successful attempt.

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