US notifies UN of withdrawal from WHO

  1. President Donald Trump in late May vowed to terminate US participation in the WHO.
  2. Mr. Trump has harshly criticized for the response of WHO to the coronavirus pandemic. He has also accused WHO of bowing to Chinese influence.
  3. The withdrawal notice was sent to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday and will take effect in a year, on July 6, 2021, the State Department and the United Nations said on Tuesday.

Can it be reversed???

  1. Former Vice President Joe Biden supports the WHO.
  2. Democrats believe if he defeats Trump in November 2020, he would reverse the decision.
  3. Trump is trailing Biden in multiple polls and has sought to deflect criticism of his administration’s handling of the virus by aggressively attacking China and the WHO.

Whether US can withdraw or not ?

  1. Guterres, in his capacity as depositary of the 1946 WHO constitution, “is in the process of verifying with the World Health Organization whether all the conditions for such withdrawal are met,” his spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, said.
  2. The US is agency’s largest donor. It donates more than USD400 million every year to this organization.
  3. It owes about USD 200 million to the organization as this year and the past year dues.

UN President calls the move “short-sighted

  1. UN Foundation President Elizabeth Cousens called the move “short-sighted, unnecessary, and unequivocally dangerous.
  2. WHO is the only body capable of leading and coordinating the global response to COVID-19.
  3. Terminating the U.S. relationship would undermine the global effort to beat this virus — putting all of us at risk.”
  4. The ONE Campaign, which supports international health projects, called it an “astounding action” that jeopardizes global health.

Army bans 89 apps, including Facebook

  1. There have been several cases of personnel being virtually honeytrapped on social media platforms.
  2. This has led to sharing of sensitive information.
  3. The Indian Army with the strength of 1.3 million  has directed all personnel to remove 89 apps, including Facebook and Instagram, from their mobile phones by July 15.
  4. The order was issued to prevent leakage of sensitive information.

It’s 59 + 30

  1. The apps banned by army also include the 59 Chinese apps banned by the govt recently.
  2. While the Army has in past has also asked its personnel to limit the use of Whatsapp for official work.
  3. This time army has banned many ranges of apps like messaging, content sharing, web browsers, video hosting, gaming, e-commerce, dating, anti-virus, news and music apps.

Disappointing, says Truecaller

  1. Truecaller says it is disappointing and saddening to learn that Truecaller is among the list of 89 apps being banned by the Indian armed forces for their personnel.
  2. It called the inclusion in the list as “unfair and unjust.”
  3. “We would like to reiterate that Truecaller remains safe to use, both for our citizens and for our esteemed armed forces personnel. We see no reason for Truecaller to be on this list and will investigate the matter further,” a Truecaller spokesperson said.

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