Virtual Classroom — Clearing the IAS exam with online coaching

Many of the Top IAS coaching institutes provide the feature of the virtual classroom which means online coaching. It is a real-time based classroom environment in which the students can have the login facility from their home environment and can interact with the faculty using the internet. The coaching institutes use specially designed software along with the video as well as audio-based streaming so that they can chat with the students and clear their doubts.

Some of the features of online-based coaching are mentioned as follows:

  1. This type of coaching can be accessed by using smart devices like computer, laptop and mobile phones. One can access the study material with the help of browsers and one will require a steady and proper internet-based connection to avail the benefits of this concept.
  2. The students will receive an automated based mail so that they can enroll on the online classes and receive the videos depending upon the detailed schedule of the online classes. The students will also receive a reminder before the actual session will begin and in this way, they can follow the proper timetable given to them.
  3. Some of the companies also provide the recording of videos so that they can be referred to in the future by the students in case they have any doubts.

Some of the advantages of online coaching are mentioned as follows:

  1. With the help of online-based coaching, the student will receive the direct experience and guidance of the faculty members at their doorstep.
  2. The students will receive suggestions and guidance from the expert panel from all over India.
  3. Online-based coaching also provides the option of direct interaction between the faculty member and the students so that they can clear their doubts in a livelier manner.
  4. The online class also helps to save a lot of time and costs on the behalf of students as there is no need to physically go to the coaching institute and one can attend the classes in their comfort zones from their homes.
  5. All the people who are working and are professionals can also appear for IAS exams through this mode. The study materials will be available online and they can access them at any time depending upon their convenience.
  6. The online-based classes also provide another feature of chat with the faculty members so that they can get their doubts cleared as many of the clarifications are not possible during the online ongoing class.
  7. This is a platform for self-analysis so that the candidates can check their preparation and approve it accordingly.
  8. Such online platforms also provide best quality study material along with other sources like current affairs, mock tests and question papers.

The IAS training institute also provides the option of online coaching for the candidates as it is the most affordable option for all in comparison to the traditional coaching institutions. Many of the resources are available at a fraction of cost online and some of them are available to even at no cost.

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