What is a Toolkit? (TH)

  • Sweden’s climate activist Greta Thunberg has been writing on social media in favour of the farmer movement in India. Recently, she also shared a toolkit document.
  • Now the Delhi Police has registered an FIR against the creators of this toolkit

What is a Toolkit?

  • A toolkit is a document which generally provides detailed information about an issue and how to act on it. Volunteers participating in a large movement or campaign are instructed to do so. This toolkit is of great help to volunteers who want to participate in the campaign. It helps to work in the same direction at the same time, collectively, in any campaign, whether online or offline.
  • Last year in the US, a black was killed on the street by the police. After this, the ‘Black Life Matter’ campaign was started. People all over the world, including India, raised their voice in favour of black people. A toolkit was prepared by those who ran this movement.

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